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A drug is any substance that alters the normal functioning of the body. It can be either obtained from a plant or made artificially, in a factory. Drugs can be sub-divided into two categories namely medicinal drugs and phsycoactive drugs.

Medicinal drugs are used either to treat cure or prevent a disease medicinal drugs can  be further sub-divided into three groups which are painkillers, vaccines and antibiotics which all have different uses. They are only to be taken with a doctors prescription because they may have a strong effect on the users health.

Phsycoactive drugs affect the nervous system. They affect boththe mood and consciousness of the user. Most phsychoactive drug is tea. Most people don’t even realize that they are consuming a drug.

Some other examples include coffee, beer, marijuana, khat and so many others. Some of these drugs damage the body functions and may eventually lead to death. People who abuse drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroine and mandrax may become addicted to they.

There is a growing concern on drug abuse within our country. The national authorityfor the campaign against Drug abuse showed that a large number of drug users were teenegers. Peer pressure is one of the reasons as to why teenagers take drugs.

Some other reasons may include easy accessibility, lack of parental supervision and social media to name a few. Once a person gets addicted to a drug it is very hard for them to stop using it. If they need help they should be taken for therapy. One hospital that offers such services is the Mathari Hospital that gives treatment for heroine addiction.

Treatment for drug addiction does not come cheap. So it is advisable not even try a drug. Many people have lost their lives to abusing drugs. People with big dreams and hopes have lost their future because of that one mistake they made. Them not having the ability to say no to drugs cost them everything.though the grace and mercy of God I askthat the war on drugs be won victoriously.

Brian Mburu 7A

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