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Terrorism is the act of killing ordinary or innocent people for political purposes. Terrorism is not something new to humanity but has been around for centuaries past.

Only a few years ago in 1998 the American embassies in Nairobi and daresalaam and also the twin towers were attacked. Hundreds and even thousands of lives were lost. The terrorist group known as Al-qaeda took responsibility for these attacks.

In 2002 a hotel on the coast of Kenya was also a target. A bomb was detonated causing many casual ties. Only in the aftermath of septmber elenth of the year 2011 did Kenya realize what a big threat terrorism was. So, it then became a major partner of an organization known as the Global war on Terror.

Even though Kenya took so many efforts to cease terrorism for good, there was still an attack in the year 2013. The attack took place at the westgate shooping mall and was ongoing for four days straight. It made international headlines and was the the talk if the town.

Despite all these efforts, Kenya was still a terrorist target. Only recently was a university in mandera attacked by the Al-shabaab militant group. This attack took the lives of many and left most others who survived crippled.

There are several factors that contribute to making Kenya an attractive target. These are our geography, political stability, poverty and so many others. Recently the Kenya defence forces invaded Somalia so as to combatant any attacks from the said terror groups. Kenya has lost many soldiers who have fought for their country and its citizens. Ht for their country and its citizens.

However Kenya is not the only country that ha suffered terror crises. Take Syria for example. It is always under attack from ISIS meaning Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. There are so many evacuations from the country making many people become refugees.

The united states has taken many efforts to rid  itself of terror attacks. Only the other day did the president of America chase away and even ban muslims from the country in my opinion, I do not believe that it is right to judge all muslims for the mistakes of only a few.

Every human being has made a mistake to err is human but it does not mean that all should be punished for the mistake of one. Even though terrorism is a big problem there is a solution to solving it. As sir henry Louis once said. “ for every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear and simple.

Brian Mburu

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