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The environment

This is all the things and conditions that make up our surroundings on the earth. The environment is made up of both living and non living things.

Living components of the environment include animals and plants. The main difference between animals and plants is that animals and plantsis that, animals have the freedom to move while plants are attached to the  ground. The part of the environment where an organism is refered to as its natural habitat.

Some non-living components of the environment are soil rocks, odours and even sunlight. The environment has its benefits to mankind and can be used differently. Trees which are a components of environment can be used to acquire timber and firewood and also provide oxygen which is necessary for survival.

Sand, which is a type of soil, is necessary in the making of glass. Different stones are used for different purposes. Marble is used to add architectural design while diamonds are used on jewellery light and heat from the sun is used to create solar energy that is used to power most electronics.

However the enviromnt has its disadvantages. One disadvantages are volcanic eruption and radioactive subsatnces. Unlike animals, mankind has found ways to make his souruonding suitable for his lifestyle.

Human beings have lived on the earth for hundreds of years. As we adapt to our environment we are slowly destroying the earths ecosystem waste produced by our factrories pollute water and the air. When we cut down trees, we are actually getting rid of oxygen.

As human beings, we should respect  nature and the environment. When we cut down a tree, we should plant two more factories that pollute the atmosphere should be shut down.

Every day global warming is becoming a worldwide problem. In some places it is causing floods while in some others it is causing drought.

For the well being of the earth we should keep the environment clean and healthy. Without the environment we would  have no possible chance of existence and this should inspire us to protect the environment.


Brian Mburu 7A

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