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Almost half of all students at certain stages of education are still not achieving expected standards of success; a report has found that some children are not leaving primary school having reached adequate levels of reading writing and language accord to analysis.

Experts argue that students today are living in an environment of very disruptive cultural change. One of the major problems according to an English teacher based in Nairobi is the social media which has overwhelmed teenager said young adults “young people are always watching television and constantly on social media and these mediums do not teach them much.

They unshared the death of the reading culture and students tend to copy everything. Basically, they do not think on their own; they just copy and paste”. The motivation for being an excellent English speaker, he added was shaped by reading but students do not read anymore.

In earlier days, people leant to speak good English because it was mandatory and more importantly because because learning and excelling in the language was associated with success.

According to Carol Momanyl, in 2009 paper titled “The effect of sheng in teaching Kiswahili over English is noted that many students are fluent with restricted code.

Momanyi notes that primary school pupils are able to write and speak but lowers competence assheng interferes with performance to extent where some end up constructing ungrammatical sentences even in National Examinations. For example in 2011 after announcing KCPE examination Education Minister Sam Ongeri attributed the poor performance of Kiswahili and English.

Uwezo East Africa Regional manager Sara Ruto claimed the problem was with the teachers who use English and their mother tongue at the same time while instructing students.










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